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Counselling and Psychology that's real world...
Many people put off speaking to someone because they have an image of what that person might look like, they worry if whom ever they speak to will judge them, or they are concerned about how to talk about what's happening.

Megan is authentic and real, who has lived a varied and interesting life, personally and professionally.  It's this living of a real life that means she speaks your language and offers help in a way that works for you, in your life.

"I think that the most common phrase I hear at the end of the session is 'Well that was easier than I thought', which is the main goal of what I do.  The counselling process has to be real, the tools offered to clients must also be real, in their world. 

Our aim is to always ensure our clients leave the session with clarity, a plan and the tools necessary to feel better.

I spent four years studying Psychology at University, then a further two studying Counselling.  I have worked in Community Counselling for many years, I have also worked in Vocational settings but my true passion is working with real people who just need some help to get through tough times.  I believe in the strength of people, the potential for people to strive for better, knowing it exists for them. It is rewarding and we enjoy a laugh or two, but most of all we achieve change."

Client Feedback.....
I am sure you get this all the time, but I can’t thank you enough for a having a chat with me and being so warm and welcoming.  I felt extremely comfortable talking to you and its lovely to know I have someone I can pour my heart out to about my dramas! You made me realise that I am worthy as a person and that I need to treat myself and others with more respect, also that I have the power to be whoever I want to be and I can achieve my goals.  To be completely honest I felt pretty confronted about the idea of talking to a complete stranger about my insecurities, but you helped me understand that mine weren’t unusual and even better – nothing really to worry about! You have been a bit of an inspiration to me, because I want to have the same outlook and attitude you do on life, to have a laugh and most of all – be happy! What’s most important is that you helped me realise I am 17, the worlds at my feet and life’s too short!!
What I am writing this letter for is to say a big fat thank you for your words. You’re a lovely person and truly wonderful at your job! Thank you for everything Megan.”

“Dear Megan,
Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. Without your help we would not be as blissfully happy as we are and we would not be about to start our next adventure together.  We want you to know you have made such a difference in our lives and we will be forever grateful.”

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
We were on the brink of disaster, one on suicide watch, our marriage in tatters, our kids feeling angry and neglected.  You were supportive, real, warm and never made us feel like the train wreck we thought we were.  Thank you for helping us be great again, we felt better from the very first session and right through to when we knew we were better.  We are forever grateful and continue to be great. Thank you.”

“Just a note to say thank you, I didn’t know what I needed to do to sort out my anger, I didn’t know if I needed to talk to someone or punch someone, but finding you was exactly what I needed.  As a guy it’s hard to talk about feelings or emotions but I didn’t feel weird or uncomfortable, which surprised me.  I’m sure that I have found the right person to get where I’m at and offer me some actual help that works. 

“I am grateful that someone explained the Mental Health Plan details to me so that I was aware of long term implications and assess whether that’s really what I needed or if I simply needed to talk to someone about the issues I’ve been having.  I urge everyone to ask questions about the MHP and don’t just take it because it’s free or cheap.  It is permanently on your record that you had a Mental Health issue. I don’t want that to affect me when I go to get jobs, or industry registration. Thank you for offering alternatives that make help more affordable.  Thank you so much Megan.”

Where do I start? I really just want to say you’re a real find.  Being a bloke it’s tough to take a step like this, but I’m glad I have.  You are a great chick, good person and bloody great at your job.  I’m doing great and I can hear your voice in my head when those situations come up. I am doing better at handling them and feel like I’ll continue to.  So thanks Megs.”

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